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Take Charge of Your Health with Rocket Remedies!

Each Rocket Remedy blend combines 9-13 herbs, carefully chosen for their terpene profiles, with 25mg of pure CBD oil in each capsule of each remedy. Each of these combinations is engineered to address particular symptoms. We currently have capsules that target Pain, Inflammation, Sleep, Anxiety, Sports Recovery, and Energy and Focus. We extract our herbs and CBD oil in pure coconut oil to ensure purity and quality in all of our capsules.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is the root cause of many diseases and can cause extreme muscle and joint soreness. Out unique inflammation blend uses pure CBD oil and known inflammation fighters.

Lower Anxiety

Stress is becoming more of a problem in today's fast paced world. Excess stress can cause disease, low energy, pain, and anxiety. Our Anxiety blend combines pure CBD oil, lavender, passion flower, and other herbs to help you relax without feeling tired.

Relieve Pain

We all suffer from pain at one time or another. Our society too often relies on potentially dangerous and addictive opioids and over the counter pain medications that can cause serious side effects from overuse.

Recover Faster

Most of us are sore after a hard workout or long hike. We formulated a whole plant CBD and herbal extract to help you recover quicker from any activity that causes sore muscles and joints.

Improve Sleep

Studies have shown that lack of sleep leads to low energy, weight gain, and poor concentration. This unique, effective remedy promotes deeper, more restful sleep.

Gain Focus and Energy

Low energy and lack of focus go hand in hand. The focus enhancing combination of pure CBD oil, vitamins, Rhodiola Rosea and other adaptogenic herbs help boost energy levels, memory, and mental clarity.

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