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Our High Quality Guarantee, backed by Lab Results

Our promise to you, our loyal customers, is that we will do everything to ensure all of your Rocket CBD products are high quality and reliable. Below are our lab results from a third party facility for both our 25 and 50mg Chocolate Chews, as well as our 40mg capsules and all of our Remedy blends. If you have any questions about what these results mean for you, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.

We strive to be an honest, transparent company, and will continue to provide lab results as they become available. Until then, be assured that we use the same high quality hemp CBD oil for all of our products, and test periodically to ensure that we provide quality and consistency in everything we sell, at all points in time.

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Lab Results for the 40mg Capsule

40mg Capsule

Lab results for 25mg Chocolate Chew

25mg Chocolate Chew

Lab Results for 50mg Chocolate Chew

50mg Chocolate Chew

Sleep Remedy Lab Results

Sleep Remedy

Anxiety Remedy Lab Results

Anxiety Remedy

Pain Remedy Lab Results

Pain Remedy

Inflammation Remedy Lab Results

Inflammation Remedy

Sports Recovery Lab Results

Sports Recovery Remedy